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Various LONDONDERRY, NH shoot pics
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Pumpkin Popper 1999

Bubba setting up more of his tripods, my two and a nice on of Bob's MAG58, Alex in NH supply of "Russian" weapons.

This year's crop of targets on the lower belt fed range.  The witch target appears again!

The piles of brass just grows every shoot for me!

These sent by Alex in RI

June 99

Bubba shooting his SG43 and kc shooting his 1919

before we had to stop for the day.                              These pics are from Sammy

May 99 PICS

I like this one!!!

Tom & JLM, dueling 1919's in A6 config

Some pics of JLM shooting his 'FIRE BREATHING' AK shorty
I can't believe the flame didn't show in ANY pic I took!!!
But take my word for it, the flame is two foot long!

Spring & Summer 1998

Stan having fun

Bubba, JLM & kc doing it up right (belt feds rule!)

Pumpkin Popper OCT 1998

 Just a few targets,
needless to say the pumkins were mush in a few seconds and the witch dissapeared

Original shoot pic
Bubba shooting his RPD                                                            Alex in RI pic

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Black River Militaria
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