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the Paraclete; an award winning student film about the effects of the war in Bosnia by Velko Milosevich.

“The Paraclete” is the single best student film we’ve ever seen, and could ever hope to see.  It is a story about childhood, homeland, the impossible loss of both to violence, as well as the dreadful sweetness of memory, powerless to bring back either.  It is simultaneously delicate and violent, direct and mysterious, convulsively felt, and absolutely original.  The film’s story-telling structure . . . has the eloquence of a sonnet.
-Tiare White & Camille Landau
“What They Don’t Teach You at Film School”

So, what was it like?  A haunting combination of imagery and sound. Realistic - but surreal at the same time. I was thoroughly impressed.  The attention to detail was unnerving.  Although the firearms use was a small part of the on-screen time, it was some of the best "contact" that I have seen put on the screen. No hokey BS. When the fire fight starts, it rolls into that frozen series of microseconds that make up combat.  Back in the city, as the cop goes undercover in an investigation that unravels in the back seat of a car, the sense of the inevitable violence grows until it just rolls off the screen at you, then explodes in a shotgun/pistol fight at close range. Dynamic stuff, not the kind of crap you see on television.

Dan Shea, Technical Editor
Small Arms Review  June 1998

The Paraclete is an extremely intellectual movie that has Hollywood's best dramas of the past year beat and with only thirty minutes of film.  As a supplier of firearms and special effects to the film industry, I was impressed with the realistic combat scenes. And, as someone that is half Ukrainian by descent, and in his 30s, I really appreciated the Slavic-family-in-America storyline and the flashbacks to the 1970s.
   This is a remarkable film that must have many producers jealous.    Buy It!

Vincent DeNiro
Exotic Arms for Motion Pictures

Here's to Velko for giving us such a profound gift. This movie is so cool. I was touched and amazed at the memories that haunted the protagonist who is obviously losing his mind to post traumatic stress.

Don't do Velko any favors - do YOURSELF a favor.  Buy this video. Not for the bang bang (it's cool), but because it is one of the best short films you will ever see.  My comments as a film lover, filmmaker, gun buff, and all-around critic.

I saw the flick.  Jesus, if those tracers didn't look beautiful - even when they were chewing through that SEAL. The special effects and fire fight scenes were excellent. I rewound and watched the SEAL swamp scene and the undercover bust over and over. Dope job, man.

Non-linear.  I like this.  I need to see it again and again. After the first, I don't know, ten minutes or so, I was crying so hard I had a difficult time following the story lines. My family history and upbringing has similar elements in it, or maybe my military training resonated with your subject matter, I don't know. It's beautiful.   I will share this with my friends for years to come.  Good luck with your career.

Damn good video - well worth the money and you can watch it over and over and over again!

I just got my copy of it and I was  blown away. I haven't seen a student film this good in a long time.  Considering I went to a film school that IS a compliment. I assure all of you guys it is well worth the $15 he is asking for it. Not to mention there is some really KICK ASS fire fights in it. There is a scene of Navy SEALs getting . . . well check it out for yourself - I don't want to ruin it for you. You will be impressed TO SAY THE LEAST! Very professional and extremely well made.

It's hard to believe that "The Paraclete" was a student film! The audio and camera work are absolutely stunning. The action sequences are entrancing and realistic; if you prefer your mayhem punctuated with witty quips as the bad guys get blasted into a thousand pieces, you're SOL. Oh, yeah, if Velko goes on to only make ghetto blaxploitation martial arts films, as appears in the opening credit sequence (the greatest credit sequence of all time, in my opinion) the world will not have had too great a disservice.   Go Mr. Dynamite!

Watched your film about a dozen times this weekend and all week. I am amazed. Send me along for a URL that we can put on our web site. You are a very talented guy and cannot wait to see what you can achieve with serious funding.  Stay hard!!

Awesome!  Velko, the "action" scenes in your movie were AWESOME! I understand the critics like all the introspection and wonderful montages (is that the correct term?) but give me the action stuff, and Velko, you definitely have the 'touch'! Another thing that touched me was the kitchen from the '70's. I grew up in a house in south Louisiana that looked just like that. In all, you sure managed to pack a lot of imagery into a short half hour. Now, I want MORE, especially the action/adventure stuff.  Thanks again, Velko for the movie.

This film effected me so much I could not get it out of my thoughts for a week. I would compare this film to JACOBS LADDER, but I think Velko's film is more to the point. Thanks Mr. Milosevich, I can't wait to see your next effort!

When I first heard about the Paraclete I wondered what an action film done as a student project would be like. As soon as I popped the tape in, and that Yugo accordion music started, I got goose bumps. I knew that this movie would not suck.  It's not often that you get to see a guy get shot with tracers in the movies, let alone a student film. This is the type of movie Hollywood should be making. Not the latest tripe with Nicholas Cage or that idiot Sylvester Stallone that is offered as entertainment.  The Paraclete is the sign of things to come.

Watched The Paraclete again last night, and every time I watch it, I see something different. Maybe that's the beauty of what you've done. Some of it, like the "action" stuff, needs no explanation because it's "in your face" but it gets your heart pumping and your eyes dilated with excitement so that when the "introspective" stuff comes up, YOU ARE DEFINITELY PAYING ATTENTION!  I'm still in awe, Velko.

Having seen it, I can say that this short film is an excellent piece of production.  When you consider that it was under-taken as a student thesis it is nothing short of phenomenal. It is highly recommended.

We were thoroughly impressed! Even my wife was able to recognize the outstanding shooting scenes as being a cinematic genius. Never seen anything quite like it. The sound was superb! I tell you, you and your crew deserve the highest marks. Words could not quite paint the achievement you guys reached through sweat, blood & tears that this project must have been for you but it shows in the final product. Nothing outside of amazing!

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