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The long awaited DEFINITIVE book on the MG34 & MG42
500 Pages and OVER 650 PHOTOS, Graphics and Tables.

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Welcome to the world of "Maschinengewehr", which was the working title of my book MG34 - MG42, German Universal Machine guns" just about to be published by Collector Grade Publications.

This book covers all the German infantry machineguns developments between 1919 and 1945, and you will find many previously unknown guns and accessories, as well as a load of extremely rare pieces of equipment, many shown in quality photographs for the first time.

Not only the collectors, but also the shooters will benefit from adding this book to their library.  Troubleshooting the MG42 and especially the MG34 is focused on in several chapters, where Folke shares his 20 years of knowledge from the Norwegian Home Guard, which was issued MG34's until 1994 - In the Home Guard ever machine gunner had to be an armorer......

The book is the fruit of several years of hard work, as well as the input of many fellow collectors and researchers, most notably fellow Norwegians Einar Sunde and Vidar Andresen, who put in a lot of expertise which lifted the book to a high level of quality.  Also, the production and editing by Blake Stevens took the book to yet another high level, making this a book you should not miss in your library!

For our European friends and collectors
€125 Euros or £70 Pounds British Stirling

500 pages and 650 illustrations, showing the MG34 and MG42, as well as the Inter war Maxims, Knorr Bremse, MG13, MG34S, various Solothurn machine guns and the extremely rare MG39, MG41, MG42V and MG45 - its all here.

A picture gallery is to view, most of these photos are pictures we did NOT use in the book, but they will give you a general idea.

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